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What is going on in the world? 5th dimensional energies and more

Posted by Bold Apps on

 If you haven't been living under a rock, you have noticed that the world has changed since late 2016.  If you have really been paying attention, you may have noticed that things started to change in 2012.  That's right- the change/shift that the Mayan’s and countless other individuals and groups have prophesized for thousands of years did take place.  It wasn't an immediate polar shift that caused everyone to suddenly go crazy; in fact, it wasn't even and external event.  The shift if 2012 was a transition point that if we made it beyond- we would begin to shift with the earth toward a more 5th dimensional structure. 

The shift has taken several years to ramp up and has gone into turbo charge since late 2016- much of which was catalyzed ultimately by the election for those of you in the US by the election and results of.  There are many ways that these energies are pushing upon the world from a macro and micro perspective.  Look at all the institutions that are collapsing across the globe.  The structures of power whether they be an organization or powerful individuals are being called into question and often ultimately defeated- to be replaced eventually by something better.

From a micro perspective, things may seem even more intense.  This micro/macro pattern is part of how everything works from a dimensional perspective and is followed in nature (Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio).  The same energies that are causing organizations and institutions to collapse and fall apart are also pulling and pushing on each of us individually.  You may be wondering why this is the case.  Why are these 5d energies pushing on me?  There is a very scientific answer to this question that is beyond the scope of this blog; but essentially it all comes back to the changes that the sun is undergoing because of its movement through the galaxy and universe.   The sun historically goes through periods of activity and periods of relative inactivity.  When the sun is going through these changes and periods of activity; essentially the sun influences the magnetic grid of the earth fairly dramatically.  When the magnetic grid and the protective layer around the earth’s atmosphere that it creates begin to be heavily impacted by this solar activity; all sorts of things start to change here on the planet. 

The weather patterns begin to change; often becoming more intense.  In addition, you may have noticed worldwide the seeming chaos and disillusionment with politics and the geopolitical structures.  Individually, we are ascending, as the earth herself is ascending.  While there are many positive things about ascension; it is not without its growing pains.  To enter into the new world of 5d; the old layers of yourself must be shed.  The shadow, the ego; these things have to come to the surface.  Once you have become aware of these patterns within yourself and their destructive nature; you can begin to develop other ways to handle these problems and issues.  In the past, you may have felt these issues come up and press on you to be dealt with in a fairly mild way where they were easy enough to distract yourself with and ignore.  However, now, this internal nudge from the other dimension is pushing on your fairly aggressively to allow these things to come up in your awareness to be fully felt and cleared. 

The biggest question that people often don’t ask about all this is; why is this happening now?  What caused it?  This is what I find the most interesting and enlightening part of this whole experience.  If the sun is serving as a catalyst from a astrological level by creating these energetic and magnetic shifts; then something bigger and more advanced than us has always had this system in place.  Something with foreknowledge of where we were going as a planet and as a species cared and enough about us to put into place a system that would sometimes gently and sometimes not so gently push us in our evolutionary process.  No one knows just how things will unfold as we go through this process.  TRUST.  BREATHE.  SLOW DOWN AND ALLOW.  NAMASTE.  




















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